Thursday, 19 January 2012

Digital Family Bibles

Did you grow up with a family bible?  I didn't; although I know my grandparents had one somewhere.  It wasn't a main stay of our lives, we never read from it and I don't worry that I've no idea where it is now.  Yet Christianity Today have included an article discussing the sad loss of family bibles.

I feel like I'm in a different century.  I'm two generations from the family bible and don't see any problem with their loss.  In fact I celebrate the accessibility of the bible.

I was brought up with a kids illustrated bible and then got one at confirmation and another couple at various times.  They were different shapes and sizes and used for different purposes.  My main one for study in my teens is marked up all over and looks like a child has got hold of it with a biro.  Do I care? No.  In fact I look at that bible and celebrate the learning it gave me; every mark and torn page is a sign of my journey.

I don't mark up bibles any more; I've got more precious about them.  But I also don't need to in the same way because I have digital versions on my phone and computer.  These e-bibles allow me to save notes and bookmarks as I read, they even let me highlight sections.  These are my everyday bibles which I use and interact with.

More than that, my bible on my phone is my "family bible"; it has notes and highlights from me and also for Rachel.  It retains our journey of faith and can go with her in the future if she wants; whilst also staying with me.  

We both have printed bibles, in fact my study looks like a bookshop bible department; they are beautiful and wonderful and I use them for reference and prayer.  But day to day I  love my digital bible on my phone; always with me, always ready to be read.  For the family, anywhere.

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