Friday, 27 January 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful Week 4

I'm not feeling too cheerful today, my slipped disk is hurting badly again after a few days without any problems.  So the weekly prompt does well coming today, it does me good to think of the good stuff.

The good stuff is all represented in this mosaic of colouring that Rachel gave me when she came out of school today.  She bounds over, gives me a hug and shoves it into my hand.  It's beautiful and made specially for me and reminds me that she's thinking of me.

I love my girl, more than anything, and seeing her cheery face is the best painkiller I've come across.


Michelle Twin Mum said...

Children have that wonderful way of making things just that bit better. I hope you are feeling better physically soon.

Mich x

Emma Major said...

thanks Michelle xxx