Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Stop for the One Tuesday #1

I know it's Wednesday and therefore already you think I've lost the plot, but I will be writing these on Wednesdays to reflect on my Tuesdays.  Clear?  I'm surprised if you are, but glad you're still with me.

You might have noticed that between motherhood, ministry, volunteering, blogging and writing I am a little bit busy.  You might also have noticed that I love my life to be this way.  If you're very observant you might have noticed that Mike - my long suffering rock of a husband - rarely gets a mention and often gets left out. 

Well this year I have committed to putting our marriage somewhere over tenth place in the pecking order that is my life.  This means I'm committing to give time and energy to us and Tuesday is the day I've randomly chosen.  What's really special about this though is that I'm not telling Mike, he'd hate the pressure of me scheduling him, but just giving him time.

A blogging friend at Positively Alene has decided to make time for her grown up kids in 2012 and will be hosting a linky on Tuesdays "Stop for the One Tuesday"; how fabulous, a place for me to share and a specific time to keep me on target.  If you'd like to prioritise someone or something then why not join us and schedule your time with us.

This being week 1 you'll be pleased to hear that I kept to my commitment.  I was back from Reflective Space by 830 and instead of switching on my laptop and getting absorbed I helped Mike prepare dinner and we chatted whilst we prepared, dished and ate.  Just talked, about stuff; nothing mind blowing, but just about our days and some funny stuff he'd heard yesterday.  It was great, a time for connection.  It was so good that we decided to watch a film together, a rare treat indeed. 

If every week is as successful as this one life will be fabulous in 2012, just got to keep to my schedule.
PS Don't tell Mike.

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Alene said...

This is the coolest thing ever! I can't wait to read every week how you STOP and love on your hubby. Girl, you give me inspiration to do the same for mine. Our marriages always deserve a stop for lovin', nurturing, and just plain fun. Blessings sweet friend on your journey!