Monday, 23 April 2012

St. George's Dragon

Happy St George's Day, I hope you're having a great one.

Of all the patron saint days in the United Kingdom this is the least spectacular, least celebrated and least known. It's as if the dragon in the story is a meek and mild water dragon. So why do we English keep so quiet about it? We should change this.

This is our year.
This is 2012, the year of London 2012.
This year the Olympics land in England.
This year we can celebrate national pride.

Or we could just hold ourselves quietly as if the idea of slaying a dragon is all a little close to the historical truth of how we slayed the world in domination.

Perhaps we should rewrite the story to one of nurturing and caring for the dragon; does that work better for us?

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Greenpatches said...

That's an interesting suggestion which sits very well with the story of St Francis of Assisi befriending the wolf that was terrorising the people of the town of Gubbio.